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If you’re ready to take your idea to the next level & can’t wait to see it hit the market, Type 2 Designs is waiting to push it there; we are as passionate about our projects as you are about your idea.

We can guide you through every step of the process, from preliminary consultation to ascertain the scope of your project, to how to get investment & even investors to seek, to design, development & marketing. Make an appointment with us to schedule consultation & see your idea begin to come to life.


The mobile environment has become so pervasive that viable ideas are everywhere & Type 2 Designs is committed to getting the best of these ideas to market.

Understanding how our design & development process applies to your idea is crucial to your own success. If you’re unsure about how any of this works, we’d love to share our process with you.

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Not to fear, we have worked with numerous clients to help find financing or investors for their project! If we think your idea is viable we can work with a software financing agent or we may also offer you our "Pitch Proposal" service.

We use our expertise and experience from working with hundreds of investors to craft a custom package that you can use to help get your project funded. This service includes the building of the UI and design elements for your app, a thorough market analysis by our team, cost and budgetary requirements breakdown; all put into your own custom executive summary along with a professional PowerPoint presentation.

This along with our expert guidance can help you perfect your pitch and make your dream project become a reality!

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